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Fred Setters


Fred’s radio journey began back in 2012 as a volunteer for his local hospital radio station, where he was initially a presenter of a Friday night requests show, eventually going on to become its station manager. But his love for radio started way back in the early seventies where, as a young boy in the evenings he would listen to Radio Luxembourg’s English language broadcasts – this continued into his teenage years where Fred recalls one of his great radio heroes was Tommy Vance – presenter of the Friday Rock Show on BBC Radio 1.

Back in 2016 Fred started producing and presenting his own shows, which he makes available to radio stations around the world via his creative project – Radioshed Productions.

“Radio and music have always been really important for me. Radio is a companion for so many people and music always evokes memories and places, so it’s a tremendous privilege for me to share my passion on the airwaves. I also love being a part of the team at KL Radio presenting my shows – After Hours, Electric City, I Love The 70’s and Rock Solid.”


Presenter of the following shows:

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