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The Steve Brown Collection (Genre:Pop)

Radio Producers

Show Description

The Steve Brown Collection is a “Wendy House production” and is a wander through Steves music collection to see what pops up. There's no remit - anything goes - but there is some emphasis on the 60s, 70s and 80s because that is his era!  Also in the programme, some of Steve's radio friends pop in to give their views on tracks they suggest, some of his local Luvvies choose a stage or screen tune; while David brings along a Cilla song and tells us all about it.

Weekly Show Schedule

  • 22:00 - 24:00:00
  • 22:00 - 24:00:00
  • 22:00 - 24:00:00
  • 22:00 - 24:00:00
  • 22:00 - 24:00:00
  • 22:00 - 24:00:00
  • 22:00 - 24:00:00

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During these difficult times, we do not have access to our studios as they are based in the hospital, however, many of our programmes are now being produced in our presenters home studios. We would like to thank the wonderful doctors, nurses carers and all other NHS key workers for all their hard work and support.

Also a huge thank you to the local businesses and organisations for their support in helping to keep Tarka Radio on air during these challenging times