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Leigh Pollinger


Leigh was born in London, but was brought up near Tavistock before heading back to the Home Counties for work.  He subsequently returned to live in Devon in 2001.

Leigh’s interest in music started at home where the radio was always on, and watching his parents and their friends singing around the piano.  A newspaper round started to earn him enough money to collect records and other part time jobs gave him the opportunity to see various bands on their UK tours.

Leigh’s music interest was further sparked when he worked for EMI Records in the early eighties through to the mid nineties.  Leigh was mainly involved in the manufacturing of 7” and 12” singles, LPs and cassettes and distribution of all formats and also spent time at Abbey Road Studios when studios were being refurbished.  At the studios he would regularly meet and rub shoulders with well known musicians particularly as the studio had a well stocked bar.

After EMI, Leigh returned to university as a mature student to study archaeology and he then worked as a full time archaeologist for several years until returning to industry.  All through this time his music interest continued adding to his extensive collection of albums and seeing bands or artists where ever he was working.

His upbringing has resulted in his having broad musical tastes, so expect the unexpected when listening to his show.

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